Creative Imaging Technologies BV (CiT) is a parts distributor of imaging materials and solutions for the laser & copier recycling industry.
Our customers are professional recyclers that offer green office supplies alternatives. We avoid supporting products that infringe on OEM patents or products that are one to one copies of the original, therefore we are big supporters of cartridge recycling, we support green!
To make this possible, we offer a wide range of materials to make cartridge and copier recycling possible!

RT Imaging Summit & Expo—Barcelona 21+22 April 2016. Stand B450 
For the first time we are exhibiting at the RT Imaging Summit in Barcelona. We will be presenting some new OKI components! 
¿Le gustaría reunirse con nosotros? Ver nuestra agenda en línea por reunirse con nosotros aquí. 
See our online agenda for meeting us here.  Whats new?:

Brother®:             TN241/245 (HL3150) color brillante y componentes

Canon®:     IR C5030/5045 OPC para el negro y los colores

                            IR C250i

Dell®:     D5130/C5675

Epson®:     AL-C300: tóner, OPC, chip

                            AL-C500: tóner, carrier, opc, chip

HP®:     CP 1215/2025/3525/4525/5225CM2320 y Pro 300/400,Pro 252/452/552:  

                            tóner de color químicos, chips y componentes

Lexmark®     CS/CX310-510 tóner de color químicos

    MS/MX310-812 alta calidad tóner y chips

OKI®:     C822, C831/841, C931/941, B721, B731: Chip y componentes

                            B412/432/512 MB472/492/562: Chip espera muy pronto!    

                            un total de 273 modelos para B, C y ES disponibles y en desarrollo!

Ricoh®:     MP-C3002/4502: OPC/Rodillos y componentes

                            MP-C3503-C6003: OPC/Rodillos y componentes

                            SP3600/3610/4510 tóner y chips

Kyocera®:             TK8305/TK8505/TK8315/TK8325/TK8600/TK8705: todas componentes

Samsung®:     CLP300/310/320/365 OPC (60mm) y componentes

                            CLX9250/SL-X4220 tóner/carrier y componentes        

                            SL-C430/480 tóner y componentes

Sharp®:     MX23/27/36/38/50/51, C30/C38 tóner y componentes

Konica Minolta®    Bizhub 3301P/4000P/4700P/3320/4020/4050/4750

                           Bizhub C224/284/364/454/554/654/754

                           Bizhub C3100P/3110/3350/3850/3850FS

UTAX® TA®:     todas las chips y soluciones para la conversión de Kyocera

Xerox®     WC7120


                            Color 700i, DC 550/560/570

                            En total >8.000 artículos, cuidadosamente diseñados y seleccionados!

How do we do this?
We are located in The Netherlands, hosting the 2nd largest port of the world: Rotterdam. Shipments from here are possible to allover Europe, including Russia, East Europe, Israel, Turkey and North & South Africa. We ship any dimension, bulk shipments to FCL and small packages.
Our technical experience in this field and our network of exclusive manufacturers and partners are key to success why recyclers do business with us. We seldom switch our suppliers, to enable stability and continuity. We support recycling solutions, we oppose patent infringing new cartridges or fakes. We love the techtalk and work in OEM projects for special imaging needs. We love new developments and innovative solutions. We also love clever IT, hence we use Google® Apps for Business and Microsoft® Exchange Server and Navision®
We particular concentrate on brands such Kyocera® and OKI® and to a wider range also on as Canon®, Brother®, Dell®, Epson®, Lexmark®, Minolta®, Olivetti®, Tally®, UTAX®, Triump® Adler®, Samsung®, QMS® & Xerox®. 
We supply many large recyclers, belonging to the top of the world and a wide group of specialty recyclers, often much smaller.
We can not be innovative without strong technical partners from Europe, Japan and Korea. 
We are partner of SINDOH® in toners, OPC's and carriers, providing OEM quality from an OEM player
We are partner of OHSUNG® developer rollers and PCR's, opening niche & profitable markets
We are partner of FREESET® chips and chip resetters, offering more than 1000 types of chips and patented chip resets. We produce chips ourselves too!  We design and produce our own plastics.
We offer the most comprehensive range of carriers and developers from Japan and Korea
We offer packages of parts, so offering you a one stop shop of materials for recycling.

The most convenient is an email to info at We love Google Apps, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The best way is an Email or a Telephone call at +31 514 581400. We have 5 lines open under this telephone number!


The name CiT, Creative Imaging Technologies is a combination of

Creative in terms of networking, finding fit to purpose solutions and deal with high fluctuation of new models
Imaging as laser imaging is the leading print technology in the world today
Technologies as printing solutions become more technologically advanced
Cit was founded in 2005. Its aim is to provide solutions for recyclers in a competitive and challenging market place. The increasing amount 
of models and supplies, the increase of technologies and complexity requires solution providers with focus. Cit relies on strong and reliable partners that finance, stock and provide innovative products, often not mainstream products. Within our offer of products we focus on upcoming brands, niche products, color products and solutions that trigger the power of this creative industry: Creative Imaging Technologies.


Creative Imaging technologies BV or Cit was founded in 2005. Cit's founder and owner is Thijs Tuinstra (Mr.)
About the founder. Thijs Tuinstra (1967) achieved his Master in Chemistry at the Groningen University and followed the MBA programme for Environmental Consultancy at the Twente Technical University. He was active in chemical research labs in the US and The Netherlands, after on in business consultancy and in cooporate management for more than 10 years. During 2000-2005 he build his imaging experience in several management positions at the Turbon Group, worlds largest aftermarket player, at that time located in The Netherlands. His management skills involved fields R&D, QC, Procurement and Product management. One of his achievements with Turbon was to introduce chemical toners - first to market - and the introduction of highly profitable niche products. Since 2005 he founded Creative Imaging Technologies BV, following up the trend set in with Turbon: to provide solutions/parts for niche and upcomming brands.

C801 - C821 - C822 - C831 - C841 - Executive Series - TK5140 - TK5150 - C301 - C310 - C510 - C610 - C710 - C810 - C910 - ES series - TK1100 - TK1130 - TK1140 - C920 chip - developer roller - TK1100 - TK1103 - Kyocera® - OKI® - C110 - B2500 - Dell 7330 - chipreset - chips - Brother® - Canon® IRC2880 - B411 - B431 - RFID chip - FREESET® - TK1130 - TK6305 - waste bottle - TK540 - TK550 - TK560 - TK570 - TK580 - TK590 - HL4040 - HL3040 - HL4150 - reset levers - covers - TN135 - TN230 - TN320 - TN325 - TN328 - Ricoh® SP3400 - SP3500 - W840 - W850 - X860 - Tally® T9050 - colortoner - toner - whitetoner - white toner - blanco toner - ES9410WT - ES7411WT - C711WT - C710WT - Toner biely - eredeti fehér - bialy - weiß Toner - weissen Toner - bijele tonera - 白碳粉 - 白碳粉 - toner blanc - бял тонер - fehér festék - toner branco - X264 - OPC - Kyocera® chips - TN2000 - DR2000 - DR2200 - DR3300 - DR320 - DR130 - DR230 - CLP300 OPC - CLP310 OPC - CLP320 OPC - TK130 - M2000 - TK150 - TK160 - TK170 - M2300 - M2400 - Olivetti® P226 - UTAX® - TRIUMP ADLER® - Epson® C1700 - Dell® 1250 - T654 - ML4550 - ML1610 - Dell® 5330 - OKI® C110 -Konica® Minolta® Magicolor® 1600W - C1600 - Phaser 6121 - Xerox® Phaser 5500 - Phaser 5550 - SCX6345 - SCX6555 - WC4150 - WorkCentre 4250
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